Retention Enemas

In the worlds of natural and alternative medicine, retention enemas—or therapeutic enemas—have a rich history. Retentive enemas deliver medicinal substances to the colon for “topical action or absorption via the mucosa” of the colon for therapeutic purposes. Today such treatments are used frequently in patients who suffer from gastrointestinal illnesses and diseases, such as ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel disease. The hallmark of such disorders is frequent, loose, and urgent bowel movements. Helping sufferers to manage a broad category of issues, including the timing and contents of meals and the administration of various compatible oral interventions, is likely to help ensure that retaining therapeutic enemas long enough for benefits to be realized is a possibility.

Substances that are most often used in retention enemas include minimal doses (generally, no more than a half-ounce at a time, perhaps repeated over several weeks) of:

  • Probiotics – numerous types of probiotics may help ulcerative colitis patients in particular. But determining which type, dose, and administration frequency have complicated efforts to report decisive results or benefits.
  • Organic Chlorella – Chlorella’s impressive nutritional profile has led some to call it a “super food.” While its exact nutrient content depends on growing conditions, the species used and how supplements are processed, it’s clear it packs several beneficial nutrients
  • Coffee – Why do American Doctors and people all around the USA and the world choose Purelife Enema Coffee? Because it is “enema specific”. We understand how enema coffee is used, and why it is imperative that it be the cleanest and most effective coffee. Your health matters to us!

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