Facial Treatments

At Cleanz Medical Spa, we believe in customizing the facial treatments we offer to the specific needs and desired outcomes of each of our clients. We build our treatments around the following five concepts:

  1. Your Specific Skin Concerns
    When working with a skin specialist, he or she will be able to identify your unique skincare concerns. The skin of your cheeks may be dry, for example, but other parts of our face may be oily. By knowing your skin, we’ll be able to deliver a facial better suited to your skin’s needs, and you’ll be able to better care for your skin at home.
  1. Achieve What You Can’t At Home
    Facials deep clean your skin in a way that would not be safe or advisable for you to do at home. According to Allure magazine, a monthly facial is a necessity because, for example, you’re likely unable to steam the skin or extract deeply rooted blemishes and impurities the way one of our professional aestheticians can at Cleanz. While skin professionals know how to do these things safely, inexperienced individuals can accidentally scar or damage their skin attempting to do it themselves.
  1. Get the Skin You’ve Always Wanted
    A good skincare routine is crucial in maintaining your complexion and keeping it healthy and glowing. Incorporating customized facials into your routine allows you to take your skin to the next level. If you’re frustrated with chronic skin issues, like blemishes that refuse to respond to at-home treatment, visiting a professional can help you say goodbye to these concerns for good.
  1. Prevent Signs of Aging
    While growing older is (sadly) inevitable, reducing the signs of aging on your face is possible. Your skin care professional can identify areas where signs of aging are becoming apparent and can minimize the appearance of fine lines with exfoliating peels and treatments. Another perk of a customized facial is the massage factor. Professional facial massage can stimulate the development of collagen, a key component in keeping every complexion youthful and radiant.
  2. Self-Care
    Sure, the goal of a customized facial is to preserve and improve the appearance of your skin. Don’t forget, however, that a facial is still indeed a spa treatment, allowing you to relax and enjoy some “self-care time” while simultaneously taking care of the health of your skin.

A regularly scheduled customized facial might be a bit of an investment, but it’s worth it if you want to put your very best face forward.

Some of the facial treatment categories Cleanz skincare professionals are especially adept at providing include:

  • The Ageless Facial
  • The Facial for Acne-Prone Skin
  • The Rejuvenation Facial
  • The Lymphatic Facial
  • The Gentle Glycolic Facial Peel
  • The Gentle Lactic Facial Peel
  • The VI Peel

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