Almost 12% of the American adult population suffers from migraines or live with the misery of frequent, repetitive dehydration, stress, or tension headaches. If you’re one of those sufferers, you know such incidents are awful, debilitating, and can leave you completely unable to function both personally and professionally. Sure, there’s a myriad of prescription treatments available, but often, the side effects of those medications are horrific on their own, and they can take hours to be effective—if they are at all.
IV hydration therapy for migraines and headaches, however, delivers relief fast, usually in less than 60 minutes, allowing you to get back to the things important to you as quickly as possible.
Being able to pinpoint the type of headache you are suffering from can help your Cleanz Medical Spa team better target the ingredients included in your IV. While our Myers’ Cocktail is a solid starting point with a unique blend that includes migraine fighters, many other headache classifications can be targeted with specific add-ins. Tension, cluster, and sinus headaches, for example, may all benefit from IV drip hydration therapy. All Cleanz Medical Spa IV’s start with an ultra-hydrating blend of saline and electrolytes, which will start you on the path to symptom relief almost immediately. Vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant add-ins can provide further benefits. Specifically:
• Vitamin B complex: Vitamins like riboflavin (Vitamin B2) can reduce the frequency and length of migraines and decrease nausea.
• Vitamin C reduces the inflammation in your brain, relieving painful pressure.
• Magnesium is particularly helpful for those suffering from an aura, sound, or light-triggered migraine.
In addition to fast headache and migraine relief, IV therapy at Cleanz Medical Spa is time and cost-effective (especially compared to the hassle and expense of an emergency room or doctor’s office visit). IV headache infusion treatments may remain effective for as long as one month. Pain relief that lasts that long is a dream come true for chronic sufferers who are used to battling throbbing pain, nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sound, and increased pain during physical activity.
If you would like to make an appointment or are interested in learning more about Cleanz Medical Spa’s IV therapy offerings, please call the office or visit the IV Therapy section of our website.

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