While it may seem that IV therapy is little more than the wellness world’s latest hot trend, in reality, IV therapy is backed by decades of use in the medical field and scientific evidence.
“It is an easy way to get nutrients right into [the] system quickly without having to be absorbed through the digestive system,” Dr. Frank Lipman, a pioneer in the fields of integrative and functional medicine, told Good Morning America in 2019. “I used it, and I have been using it for the last 20 years very specifically for people who are tired, run-down, or getting sick, and it works really well.”
The reason IV therapy works, say Dr. Lipman and other proponents of such treatments, is that it delivers vitamins, minerals, nutrients, hydration fluids, and medications directly to the bloodstream, a more effective and efficient delivery mechanism than ingestion of supplements, etc.
IV therapy is generally administered by a registered nurse or another licensed medical professional as per most states’ laws (including Arizona’s)—even in spa and medical spa environments. As in a hospital or medical office, the IV is administered through a vein in the arm. The process from start to finish typically takes less than an hour, and clients can return to their daily lives immediately after the therapy is concluded.
IV therapy is said to aid and improve health and well-being in everything from allergies to chemotherapy side effects to migraines and headaches to hangovers to the cold and flu, and much, much more. Since today’s IV therapy providers can customize the mix of vitamins and “add-ins” included in each treatment, it is easy to target specific health and wellness goals.
In many cases, IV therapy is thought to be more safe and effective and better tolerated than more traditional or conventional treatments. IV therapy may also be a better choice in addressing nutrient deficiencies as the nutrients in the cocktail are typically present at much higher concentrations than in other delivery modes such as oral treatments.
The bottom line is that IV therapy is a quick, simple, and effective way to boost your immune system, relieve symptoms of illness, and improve your overall wellness.
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